Who is responsible for this project?

The area of ​​responsibility in the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin is located in the Department of Media Studies. We are two professors and two student assistants, who are responsible for the project. We are also the founder of the international network Media in Change and the persons in charge of the international cooperations.

For the second time a group of students produce this semester (2015) the recordings and work on the post-production as a project.

What is the Project about?

Agile Media is a part of an international network and cooperates with renowned universities from all over the world. It is constructed by students and employees and is opened to the public. Therefore lectures and cources of considerable theorists and successful practitioner of the international media industry are available as video files as well as podcasts. Furthermore, Agile Media provides the opportunity to further information about the lectureres, their published works and additional available material.
The network media-in-change.org wants to give everyone the possibility to participate in the knowledge of international Universities with a thematic priority on media studies.
All together the network is focused on the exchange of knowledge and intercultural differences concerning Media Studies and Media Economics. Moreover all lectures conceived “agility” as a key concept for the communicative paradigm shift as a result of digitization. These influences and interactions, in terms of established media markets and target groups, include far more than a purely economic dimension, even if it is at the center of attention.

Our Beginning of Agile Media

During the winter semester 2013/14, the blog ‘Agile Medien’ was created for the lecture series ‘Agile Media / Agile Markets’ at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. ‘Agility’ is a key term amidst the rapid development of digital media. The medial influences and interactions concerning established media, brands and target groups comprise more than mere economical dimensions. In this lecture series distinguished theorists, successful managers as well as specialists in media industries and agencies were invited to talk about ‘agile media – agile brands’.

They discussed the definition of values, methods and processes of ‘agility’, which try to meet new challenges of the consumer behaviour of media. But can the values of agile manifesto from 2001 be adapted to the development of media and brands? We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. The blog has gone online, mainly but not only for users interested in Media Studies. This blog provided digital archiving of individual lectures, and also offered all students the opportunity not only to participate in the lectures online, through corresponding podcasts and videos, but also to gain more information on the respective lecturers.

At the moment

The course will be held from 13/04/15 to 18/07/15

Currently we thematize the theoretical as well as the practical approach of strategic thinking and acting in the course of the ‘The Second Machine Age’. The extremely advanced technology as a result of the digitization is a major change for the global industry and a strategic challenge for companies and the theoretical analysis. It is important to understand these trends and their interrelationships and to prepare the students for the future opportunities and risks

‘The Digitization of just about everything’ does not only shift the company‘s strategy but also leads us to the topic of agile management methods and the changes in the media industry.


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