Lecture Series

How we deliver value to the students:

The Media industry is nowadays changing rapidly. This is one of the reasons why working online and in real time make sense. To publish books takes a long time, we can publish our presentations and results immediately on our blog and give you access.


Enjoy the access to our lectures from anywhere and at any time. You only need to open your laptop.


Your advantage in Berlin:
If you find yourself close to the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin you can come an participate every Thursday at 7pm.


We are your library. We archive all lectures and additional materials online.

What Subjects we offer you - up to now:

We will accompany each semester a lecture series in media economics. So far, we offer you the topics on Agile Media Agile Markets and on Value Chain.



Agility is a key term admits the rapid development of digital media. The medial influences and interactions concerning established media, brands and target groups comprise more than mere economical dimen-sions. In this lecture series distinguished theorists, successful managers as well as specialists in media industries and agencies are invited to talk about ‘agile media – agile brands’.



Value chain focuses on media added value in the age of digitalization. Central to this are lectures of prestigious representatives of digital economy who will comment on particular sector-specific developments of added value. Furthermore, some of the lectures will particularly consider generic theoretical aspects of added value in the digital media age.


theSecondMachineAge Kopie Kopie

The Second Machine Age deals with the theoretical as well as the practical approach of strategic thinking and acting. The extremely advanced technology as a result of the digitization is a major change for the global industry and a strategic challenge for companies and the theoretical analysis. It is important to understand these trends and their interrelationships and to prepare the students for the future opportunities and risks.